Modular Staircase

If you are familiar with custom-made stairs, be aware that there are also other so-called “eco” models resulting from a combination of adjustable height and predetermined width. This is known as a height-adjustable modular fixed height staircase whose unit price is more advantageous than for a custom model.

we offer a varied range. This makes it possible to find equipment with a structure adapted to your interior furniture, the space available on the floor or the depth and length of your room.

The adjustable modular staircase says quarter turn.

These stairs have in most cases a short hopper. They are therefore suitable if your interior has a small length. Their particularity with respect to a straight staircase remains that the structure comprises at least one angle. Thus, the quarter-turn staircase will present, for example, a first step directed perpendicular to the wall where the other steps will follow in a straight line.

Quarter-turn stairs can also have two angles. We are talking about a double quarter turn. We will thus have a combination start/middle walk both perpendiculars to the wall.

Helical stairs: eco models

It is equipment whose spiral structure offers an interesting space-saving. Even if your room has little depth or a shelf already installed, this range remains relevant because of its small diameter.

Your storage furniture does not interfere in any way and the accessories of your room no longer to the extent that this modular staircase adjustable height can be grafted anywhere in the available space. It does not require a load-bearing wall.

We can find it in the middle of a living room as if suspended in space. Thus, fixing to the wall is not compulsory at all and the assembly is easily made from the moment we know how to tinker.

The retractable staircase adjustable in height with fixed width

To reach the attic or attic, you will need an eco staircase called “secondary”, more practical than a ladder. In other words, equipment that you will use only occasionally but will be very useful to go for accessories or other small things nestled in the attic. It replaces the ladder while focusing more on safety

Retractable, it is convenient for storage because it comes free space available on the ground by retracting. His feet do not continually drag in the room that houses it.

So you can quite put a shelf or storage items because space is available most of the time.

Assembly must take into account the problem of insulation.

The width of the retractable stairs remains fixed with some possible options like hoppers of 700×500 mm, 800×500 mm, 900×500 mm, or even 1000×500 mm.