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Stainless Steel Glass Railing

Glass Railings for Balcony Chic and Adaptable

 The search for a new railing is endless starting with meticulously-set apart balusters and a trendy one so it is considered to go for Glass Railing.

Glass railings for decks don’t have balusters and are child-safe and they to give the balcony swank appearance. The minimalist balcony railings at Sun Railings featured on their website is the most sought-after options for glass railings. Benefits and features of glass railings, particularly those which support the glass using steel or aluminium frame.

  1. Glass Railings are Child-Safe

As parents, many are not convinced to go with glass railing. Glass has a reputation for being fragile and dangerous when it’s broken. In the past, this was a fair reputation. However, rules have been changed, mandating specific safety criteria be met for glass used in architecture and in railings, and technology has made many concerns about glass moot.

For example, the glass used in railings is tempered glass, which is just glass that has been through a heat treatment process to strengthen it. During tempering, a sheet of glass is passed through an oven where it is heated up to about 1,148 degrees Fahrenheit and then the surface is quickly cooled by air jets. The centre cools much more slowly than the surface, and as it pulls back from the cooled surface it places the entire sheet under two types of forces. The centre of the glass is under tension trying to pull the surface inward, while the surface is compressed.

The compressed surface gives tempered glass greater strength. Federal specifications demand that tempered glass holds up to at least 10,000 pounds of pressure per square inch before breaking in order to be called tempered glass. This easily meets deck railing codes. The strength of tempered glass is immaculate.

  1. Glass Railings Are Easy to Install

Another important feature is ease of installation. These frameless, ultra-minimalist glass railings are found in places like art museums, malls, and hotels. Glass railings like this that are entirely made of glass require custom brackets and fasteners as well as specially designed bushings that go around both. This means that these kinds of railings usually require a careful, fussy, professional installation. It’s also common to run into problems with the bushings that cushion the glass. Improperly installed bushings lead to glass rattling in its frame, which leads to the possibility of breakage.

Framed glass railings, in comparison, are intuitive to install–if they’re well-designed, quality railings–making them perfect for someone like my friend, who planned to save money on installation by doing it himself. Some railing manufacturers make glass railings that use frames that install in the same way a regular railing does, with glass panels that simply slide into the frame. In this type of system, the glass panes are supported across their full width by the frame, keeping movement of the glass to a minimum. These also provide greater structural support for the glass in all directions, and allow people to lean against the railings without leaning against the actual glass, which to many people is both more comfortable and feels more secure. The metal frame also shields the glass panels from falling objects such as limbs or debris, which is an important consideration in an outdoor area like a deck.

  1. Glass Railings Are Flexible and Stylish

One concern for house owners interested in glass railings is the style of the railings. Glass railings are associated with the sort of ultra-minimalist modern style that the Apple Store is now a byword for. However, while glass railings are certainly a good fit for the minimalist style, they also go surprisingly well with other styles of homes, as they’re able to take a backseat to the deck itself and the items on it. This is especially true of glass railings with frames, which nicely combine the traditional and modern styles.

A framed glass railing system also offers more flexibility by creating the option of using glass balusters instead of full panels. This is an especially practical option for homes in warm climates where a cross breeze on the deck is important to keep the space liveable and pleasant. Those in cold climates, on the other hand, might prefer solid panes to provide a deck railing windbreak on cool autumn days.

Further increasing their flexibility and versatility, a steel or aluminium glass railing frame can also be customized with a variety of finishes in a variety of colours to better tie it to the home it’s attached to. All of these features make framed glass railings a stylish and safe option, the sort of thing my friend’s wife’s sister would envy–which is part of what got her thinking seriously about it.

When looking at glass railings for decks, though, it’s important to choose a quality system. A carefully engineered and high-quality glass railing system will ensure your family’ safety and will last for years without showing its age or becoming unsafe. The Pure View framed glass railing from offers enduring quality and enduring style with frames that are given a multi-layer UV- and rust-resistant coating. Contact to find out more about Pure View railings or other deck and porch railings, or check out Building Products’ other lines of stylish outdoor systems such as fencing and decking.

Glass Railing Kits for Decks Make Installing Glass Railings Easy and Safe


Modular Railing Systems or Kits

There is a multitude of different types of railings, but modular railing systems, or kits, are relatively new. These are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured railing panels that arrive preassembled. Installing these railings is a simple matter of cutting the sections to the right length, mounting them to the posts, and fastening them into place.

Although glass railings have been around for some time–with an early version patented in 1976– they didn’t become something people regularly used in and around their homes until about the mid-2000s. These were not modular systems at first; instead, they were essentially large panels of glass held together by as little in the way of fasteners as the designer could get away with.

The lack of a frame, custom fasteners, and exactingly cut-glass panes made these railings expensive and unforgiving to install. It’s this type of railing that springs to mind when people think of glass railings, and it’s this type of railing that makes glass railings for decks such a dreaded request among contractors. An alternative way of building glass railings is to do away with the minimalist fasteners and use an actual frame to support the glass infill. The result is a modular glass railing system that is much more adjustable, sturdier looking and feeling, and so easy to install that nearly anyone can do it.

The Advantages of Glass Railing Kits for Decks

Adding a steel or aluminium frame for the glass panel to sit in makes all of the difference. It creates a firmer support for the glass within and does away with the custom brackets, fasteners, and gaskets that make installing typical glass railings nerve-racking. It also opens up the option to use glass balusters instead of full panels, an option that can make installing glass staircase railings much easier. There also other advantages over the long haul that come from using one of these glass railing kits.

Visibility: The clear line of sight through a glass railing is unmatched by other railings. The one thing that is potentially lacking is the visibility of the railing itself. People have been known to walk into glass dividers and doors in public buildings and in offices. Glass railings are no different, and a framed glass railing makes the barrier more apparent.

Assurance:  The simple, intuitive design of a framed glass railing means that it isn’t difficult to install correctly. Frameless glass, on the other hand, requires specialized brackets and fasteners, with specialized bushings and padding to keep fasteners from damaging the glass infill while it holds it in place. This fussiness increases the chances of an incorrect installation. Glass railings with a frame are far more forgiving and adapt to a wider range of circumstances without compromising the safety of the railing.

Future-proofing: The codes governing glass railings are changing, and as of 2019, glass railings with single layers of glass will require a top handrail. This increases the expense involved in building a completely frameless glass railing (since they will need to use two layers of glass instead of one if they wish to avoid adding a top rail), and it will put some older glass railings out of compliance. A framed glass railing kit is more likely to remain within code as codes evolve.


In general, glass railing kits with frames are going to be more robust than their frameless railings. Not all glass railing kits offer a quality product, and quality is important when a railing needs to stand up to the forces of nature. Metal frames provide extra support and strength to glass railings, but not if they’re made from thinner gauges of metal.Even when the metal is true to its given dimensions, corrosion can weaken steel frames and can ruin the appearance of aluminium ones. It’s important to look for quality glass railing kits that are true to size, use thick, sturdy metal frames, and protect those metal frames using multiple corrosion-resistant coatings. Another feature that makes a glass railing kit worth the investment is a drop-in design that allows the glass panels to slide easily into the frame.

The Sun Railing – Glass railing system  is a railing kit for balconies and staircases that makes things easy on cost and durability. It’s available with sturdy, powder-coated steel or aluminium frames with a unique multi-layer coating and features drop-in glass panels or balusters. 

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 Improve your View with Glass Railings

 Got a fantastic view from your deck that would be even better if it were not interrupted by the railing in the way? Or have and interior stairwell or walkway in your home or office that you wish wasn’t so dark? Both of these issues could be resolved by the same solution, a sleek, sophisticated glass railing. You no longer have to sacrifice scenery for safety! Use of glass railings to surround pools, porches and overlooks is on the rise because of their extraordinary beauty and clarity.

 Glass railings can help with environmental factors indoors and out. On your balcony, a glass railing serves as an excellent wind barrier, while still allowing optimal visibility. But if air flow is a concern, you can choose slotted glass balusters to let the breeze pass through. In an interior space, more light can be allowed through by replacing bulky, blocky railings with glass ones. And the railing can be lt for a dramatic effect that also adds an element of safety. Note that indoors, an interior grab component is necessary to meet building code requirements as a guard rail.

For the exterior, choices can be made to leave the look entirely clean by setting the glass in channels (or even embedded into concrete), or you can select from a number of top rail and mid rail options. The pinnacle in design is the structural glass railing that utilizes a heavy aluminum base that can accept .5 inch tempered glass, and has no posts, so it provides the best view possible. You can also add specialized coating to the glass to hide slab edges or HVAC units, or to add a decorative pattern. And you can choose from various color tints for the glass. Framing can be powder coat finished to your color specifications for durability (as well as salt spray resistance for those that are seaside) and are guaranteed not to crack or blister.

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