Stainless Steel Railings

Modern stainless steel banisters and glass railings have been Sun railings sign’s business. Above all, we specialize in the sale and installation of modern stainless steel or glass railings. at affordable prices, and with a superior quality. In addition, our installation specialists can make your life easier. Because we know our system well, we can adapt it to your specific needs.

What distinguishes our stainless steel railings and glass railings?

Design Of course, our modern stainless steel interiors and glass railings have a neat look and will rejuvenate your home or business. In fact, we have updated the sets of hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Quebec. In order to realize your project together, just contact us.

You would particularly like to have a central steel stringer? no problem. It is undeniable that we have the expertise you need to carry out your project. For the outside, choose aluminum ramps with several color choices, either with glasses or bars, in short everything to satisfy your tastes. In addition, if you want to highlight your surrounding landscapes, why not opt ​​for glass banisters with mini-poles? While offering strength, they also allow an unobstructed view. Imagine a beautiful decor with contemporary and worry-free ramps.

Modernizing your space is as simple as that!

Whether for new construction or renovations, our products will add a contemporary touch to any decor. As you know, our stainless steel railings and glass railings are durable. Of course, stainless steel is extremely tough, easy to clean and will pass the time. Moreover, our stainless steel railings and glass railings will fit in your decor. In a nutshell, our ramps are designed.

Since we meet your standards and your needs, both aesthetically and safely, our installation experts cut stems and handrails on site. In this respect, we can satisfy your most demanding requests. As for products, our modern stainless steel ramps are made of 304 stainless steel and 10 mm toughened glass railings. However, we can also use 316 stainless steel and 12 mm glasses more precisely for some works, among others for outdoor installations. Finally, with our help choose what suits you best, then we take care of the installation.