Balcony Railing

Build a balcony or terrace on the roof safely and beautifully with a balcony railing that fits your needs. Choose from Sun Railings, stainless steel railings for balcony railings with aluminum balusters.

Elevated areas accessible to people, such as balconies or roof terraces, require the installation of fall protection. It can be a wall, a parapet, a railing or any similar barrier with a minimum of height. If you opt for a balustrade, you can decide if you want a structural glass balustrade or Balcony Railing supported.

Structural Glass balcony railings

Glass balcony railings are one of the most popular options of the moment. These balustrade systems are mounted with base shoes, glass adapters or floor anchors above or against the fascia of a balcony floor. The filling is always made of glass and you can choose to cover the edge of the glass with a U-profile or a U-shaped tube. You can also add a round handrail made of stainless steel or wood. You mount them with handrail brackets that pass between 2 glass panels or through the glass. A glass balustrade serving as a balcony fence has many advantages. The construction is very strong and transparent, which maintains a beautiful view. Want more privacy? Use colored, patterned or frosted glass.

Balcony railings with balusters

If you choose to use balusters on a balcony railing, you can also get transparency. Simply combine the stainless steel or aluminum baluster posts of our Q-line, Square Line or Duo Line series with a glass filling. You can equip the fills with glass clamps or spider glass adapters. But you can also opt for another type of filling, such as bars, cables or a strip of stainless steel. This creates a modern industrial look and the result is very strong and safe.